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Training Course

Ayurveda Therapist Training Programme
Training CourseThis 4 weeks program is planned for the students of people who are looking to become ayurvedic technician or therapist. This course involve the extensive study of theory was well as practical, During this coarse our experts will take you in depths of the ancient ayurvedic therapies & fundamental principles of Ayurveda. This course in incorporate theoretical classes supported with hours of practical training of ayurvedic massage as well as preparation of oils & medicines.

The course will be performed under the eyes of experts of related subjects , The training program also involves yoga & meditation programs.

A great highlight of the coarse will be treks in lower Himalayas , the treks will lead by our experts , during these treks our experts will teach our students to identify the herbs & medicinal plants, It will be a offsite coarse where students can experience the nature as well as learn about the herbs, their role & qualities.

It will be a certificate coarse which involves hours of practical training.

Daily program for Ayurvedic Training Course :

Dates : 15th Sep. 2007 till 15th Oct. 2007
Course Timing:

Theory Class
1PM - 3-30 PM
Practical class
9AM 12 PM
Yoga Class
4.30 - 5.30AM
The course also requires self study of 2-3 hours day.
Ayurveda training program 2007: Sep 2007

What to bring?
  1. 3 Passport size photos.
  2. 3 Xerox copies of passport.
  3. General fitness certificate ( By registered doctor )
  4. Yoga mat.
  5. Loose & light clothing for practical programs.

The minimum illegibility for joining Ayurveda Training Program :

Language known
Minimum 18 years
High school level
English or Hindi
No bars
No bars
4 weeks
Application of the course :-
  1. One can apply for this course maximum 15 days prior to the coarse dates.
  2. One has to be physically fit to enroll for this training coarse. send us your application by fax & email.
  3. Application will be accepted only with booking amount ofUSD 200
  4. Only 10 student will be enrolled for each course.