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Stress management
Stress ManagementStress or Anxiety is increasing with high rate in the modern age. It disturbing the life activity, life span, produces insomnia or sleeplessness, affects the Harmone's level in the Body, which corrupts the metabolic activity & the disturbed metabolism produces a lot of diseased like Diabetes , IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), Leucoderma or Other Skin disorder or so many other diseases. Ayurveda has very effective and natural way of stress & Anxiety management. Smoothing Abhayanga with special Herbal Oil give very good relaxation of Body & Mind. The Shirodhana is a perfect treatment along with Herbal steam that balances the nervous system, increase the blood circulation, releases the toxins from the body in form of sweat and Urine. There is no way chemical or western style of treatment are used in this Therapy. After completion of Ayurvedic Treatment, Ayurvedic experts will suggest for taking Ayurvedic supplement to restoring the mental & physical power.