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Panchkarma RejuvenationWe are taking / getting so many chemicals, toxins in our body in the form of polluted water, chemically treated vegetables, food stuffs. these chemicals affects our body cells in the form of degeneration of the tissues. The body immune system recover the degeneration of tissues. The Ayurveda helps to restore & regenerates the body tissues naturally. It involves the Ayurveda consultation, treatments and medicine. Abhayanga with Ayurvedic oils, Snehana and Swedana with milk & rice potalies, Shirodhara and steam therapy. these Ayurvedic therapy rejuvenate each and every cells & tissue of the body. Treatment give the good energy, skin becomes lusturefull and bright, dead tissue slugged off, the internal organs like liver, colons, kidney and spleen are also rejuvenate by the Ayurvedic treatments.

The Ayurvedic doctor prescribe the herbal supplement for maintaining the rejuvenation after completing the therapy.

Details of Rejuvenation Package :

Rejuvenation helps to increase life span, working ability, enhances mental and physical performance. A complete 7 days programm to rejuvenate each & every cells of the body which is very important to maintenance of life.Recharge your body,mind and soul.Relax yourself, Feel the real taste of Ayurvedic procedure of ancient oldest science. Any procedure could be changed by Ayurveda and Yoga expert.

Ayurveda consultation = 2 (20 min) Abhayanga = 7 (60 mn)
Shirodhara = 3 (45 Min) Steam = 3 (20 min)
Pind swedan = 3 (45 min) Shashti shali pinda = 2 (90 min)
Udawartan = 2 (60 min) Yoga and meditation- 5 (60min)