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Rates & Packages"Vishawnath Pachkarma Centre, Rishikesh" offers the Ayurveda treatments of ailments along with maintain of health, life style in traditional way. The ayurvedic package are designed by ayurvedic experts. It might be changed according to patient / clients body constitution, pulse, body strength, problems, season and country. Our rates are very genuine & reasonable. These Package are :
First Ayurvedic consultation with Doctor with empty stomach, the doctor will explain the doshas, Body constitution, diet, herbal medicine for balancing the dosaa & also treatment.
Stress or Anxiety is increasing with high rate in the modern age. It disturbing the life activity, life span, produces insomnia or sleeplessness, affects the Harmone's level in the Body,
Gaining weight of human is one of the major problem of the world. The most important cause of the increasing weight is due to disturbed hormonal level which is originated by less physical activity, consumption of a lot of Carbohydrate,
Panchkarma and Detoxification package
We are taking / getting so many chemicals, toxins in our body in the form of polluted water, chemically treated vegetables, food stuffs. these chemicals affects our body cells in the form of degeneration of the tissues.
Ayurvedic expert will show the Ayurvedic medicinal plants in wild and in the foot hills of Himalayas and also in the nursery of medicinal plants. The Region where the Ayurveda originates it

Ailments / Disease For Ayurveda Treatments.

* Acne / Pimples
* Skin disorders
* Arthritis
* Gastric problems / constipation
* Rheumatism
* Diabetes
* Nervous disorders
* Insomnia / stress