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About Panchkarma
The body is prepared first before starting any of the Panchakarma treatment. Process of preparation includes:

Oleation or Snehan is carried out to alleviate vata, soften the doshas and body and makes the passage of excretas easier from various sites. These procedures are mainly done with oil and ghee. Various lepa (pastes) containing fatty substances are also used in this therapy.

Snehana is done by various methods like:
Sarvang or Ekang Abhyang- Massage to various body parts.
Abhyanga: Prepares both the mind and body for smooth full functioning during the day. Just as a machine needs regular oiling for good performance, the human body benefits from regular massage. It is good for all body types, balances the doshas and nourishes all the tissues and organs. Ayurveda has long recommended abhyanga to help retard aging and keep the skin looking smooth and supple. Abhyanga also helps to release impurities and toxins that accumulate in the skin. Massage helps to dislodge deep-seated toxins, which are then circulated through the digestive tract and released through the elimination process. Self-massage gives more energy throughout the day, calms the emotions and keep the mind clear and focused. Excess vata is calmed down by abhyanga, which in turn balances the other doshas. Shiroabhyanga -Indian Head Massage works on a mental and psychological level by stimulating the release of endorphins to the brain. Indian Head Massage can release anxiety, help relieve mental tiredness and depression and can improve concentration and alertness.This is done with the medicated herbal oils like Ksheerbala, Mahabhringraj, Brahmi-Amla, Neelibhringadi, Kayanadi, Kuntalkanti, Dhurdhurpatradi and aroma oils etc.Indian head massage:

Improves tempro-mandibular joint mobility, stretching and mobilizing the muscular tissues of the neck and shoulders.
  • Stimulates the circulation of head and shoulders .
  • Relieves the pressure and stiffness in the cervical spondylitis.
  • Increases lymphatic drainage, helping to remove toxins
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Relieves headaches and eyestrain
  • Increases mental alertness
  • Promotes growth of healthy hair and prevents premature graying
  • Imparts feeling of general well being.
Shirodhara, Shirobasti, Pidicchil- Pouring of luke warm oil, milk, decoctions on whole body or affected part.
'Dhara' means flow and here it is as a pre-panchkarma therapy, which helps to open the channels of body and mind to facilitate the treatment of disease. In this technique liquid medicaments (like Herbalized oil,Milk or Ghee) are placed in a bowl at an appropriate height above the body of the patient. Individual's dosha, the nature of illness and the constitution of patient. The oil is then dripped over the forehead of the patient. This is known as Pransamvardhan dhara. This treatment directly affects the central nervous system and profoundly relaxes the mind.

Therefore it is ideal for mental stress and related problems, as well as diseases of the ear, nose and throat, Paralysis, neuralgia, loss of speech and memory, insomnia, alcoholism and depression. Depending upon the constitution, disease / dosha, the dhara technique is performed on the head or on the body or both.
In this procedure the long leather cap is fixed over the head and person has to sit in straight spine position then medicated oil with a particular temperature is poured and taken out at a regular interval for at least 30 to 40 minutes. Through this procedure pouring of oil in the crown overcomes the falling, graying and the other discolouration and cracking of hairs and all vata ailments of the head. It also bestows liveliness to the organs, a clear voice and firm jaws and strength to the head.
DURATION:45 minutes
Akshi Tarpan-
Holding medicated ghee over eyes and surrounding areas for particular period.'Akshi' means eyes, Tarpan means nutrition. This is a process ,where herbally medicated cow's Ghee (butter cream) is poured over the eyes. Fresh black gram paste is applied around the eyes (as a type of bike spectacles). This process is done with different herbal medications in certain eye diseases, like refractive error etc. and this is also a treatment to add beauty to eyes. (DURATION:25 minutes.)
Oleation of ears by putting Almond,Mustard,Sesame oil,Dashmool or Dipika tail.Before putting oil some practitioners prefer cleansing of the ear by ear candles which helps in the expulsion of ear wax with the creation of vaccum inside the candle. Indications: Vata disorders like Osteoarthritis, Spondylitis, Hemiplegia, Paraplagia, Dryness of skin, Eye diseases, Frozen shoulders, Sciatica.These treatments have quality to provide restfulness, vigor, strength, and cognition.Though Internal (oral intake of medicated ghee) and External oleation(Abhyanga) is commonly done before starting Pradhan Karma.But each of the above mentioned Karma like Pidicchil,Shirodhara etc.are also used as a therapeutic measure individually,for some disease or for rejuvenation;that may or may not be followed by Pradhan karma
SWEDANA (Steam)-
It liquefies aggravated dosha and brings them back to their own sites from where they are easily expelled out by main panchkarma procedures (pradhan karmas) “Whatever relieves stiffness, heaviness, cold in the body and produces sweat is Swedan”. It opens the pores of skin and dilates all the channels in the body. Generally in common practice the method of providing medicated steam to whole body is through lying steam chamber and sitting steam chamber; steam given through a pipe generated in an auto clave or steamer for localized steam treatment. In this the steam is generated with the decoctions or various herbs selected according to the constitution and the main disease.