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About Panchkarma
PaschatkarmaThe post operative procedure must be followed after Panchkarma to get a complete cure by achieving the well stimulated agni that is digestive fire and enhanced resistance of the person. This is basically the diet regimen to bring the patient to normal state slowly by giving some Soups made from light vegetables , lentil or pulses with ghee.
Other Treatments
Changes, Innovation and Improvisation is an ongoing process of the human mind to which Ayurveda terms as Yukti which implies with the changed procedures according to the need and disease of the patient.Some of the added procedures that have been incorporated in the Panchkarma ;though they are apart from the known five procedures.
PaschatkarmaThis treatment is indicated for slip disc,lumber spondylosis, sciatica , ankylosing spondylitis and low backache, A rim of urad gram ( a kind of Pulse) is made and put over the affected portion of the spine and indicated medicated oils are poured with a special technique in to that rim . The oil takes care of the inflammation over the affected vertebra, nerves and muscles.
This Unique Hridroga treatment is developed by Ayurveda India for Heart diseases. The treatment in done with medicated ghritas (butter), A specially shaped urad gram is placed over the precordium and then this are sealed with fresh paste and then thin ghee are poured into the rim. so as to be there for 15-20 minutes.