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Herbal PanchkarmaAyurvedic expert will show the Ayurvedic medicinal plants in wild and in the foot hills of Himalayas and also in the nursery of medicinal plants. The Region where the Ayurveda originates it is Rishikesh & Haridwar and at that place we can see the Ayurvedic Medicinal plants. Ayurvedic doctor will tale the botanical names, part used and their benefits .

The Ayurvedic practitioners use medicinal plants in fresh juice, decoction, paste, table & powder form.

Specially in Vishwanath Ayurvedic Center they use the fresh leaves, Roots, Fruits, Seeds for preparing the Ayurvedic oils which grow in foot hills of Himalayas.

The purpose of medicinal tour is to give the knowledge of Ayurvedic plants which could use in daily life or might be in diseased condition like fever , cough, weakness, diabetic condition, etc. arthritic pain etc.