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Mrs. Kamla Vadgama, Country: London
Massage done very professionally and girls were very good. i would tell my friends come and have this treatment. Excellent (Job well done)
Arun Bhatnagar, Country - USA, Email:
Excellent, Professional, Comfortable & Dedicated, Sincere massage / Herbal therapy.
Mrs. Kamla Vadgama, Country - U.K
Massage done very professional and girls were very good. I would fell my friends to come and have this treatment
Laura Seligmaa, Country - USA, Email:
Amazing massage - very caring thoughtful, talented therapists. I feel very relaxed and well taken care of. The massage was excellent, I enjoyed Shirodara for the first time and the steam bath was great too...
Gail Gorden, Country - USA, Email:
Very wonderful treatment - very healing and relaxing. I feel very relayed yet energized - my cells feel alive. The service is very good - very polite - clean environment. The massage was wonderful.
George Grossland , Country UK, Email:
Very good panchkarma. This is my fourth and definitely the best. Dr. Mauriya is excellent, very knowledgeable and professional. Both Joy & Benoy excellent masseur. I will recommend to everyone.

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