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About RishikeshAccording to English Literature "Rishikesh " means the locks of Rishi's (holy men's) or the Land of Rishis. Rishikesh is the holy town known for its yoga, sadhus and ashrams.

Around Rishikesh, you can find untouched nature with high mountains and beautiful water falls. Rishikesh is a city located at the foot hills of Himalayas at the Indian State Uttranchal in Northern India. This small city is the gateway of Himalayas and is situated at the Bank of Holy River Gangas, where Gangas crashes down in full glory onto huge boulders and creates long stretches of white sandy beaches.The banks are lined with ashrams, where saints and holy men rested before beginning their arduous pilgrimage up into the snow-covered land of the gods. It islocated about 25 kilometers away from another holy city, Haridwar, and is considered an access point for the destinations that form the Char Dham - Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri.

History of Rishikesh

About RishikeshAccording to mythology, the sage Raibhya Rishi sat on the banks of the Ganga and performed severe penance. He was rewarded when the lord appeared in the form of Rishikesh, thus giving the place its present name. Over the ages, saints have meditated at this peaceful spot with the soaring mountains looking down and the sacred Ganga flowing beside. One of the most prominent religious leaders in modern times, Adi Shankaracharya, traversed this land in the 9th century AD. The Shankaracharya's pilgrimage into the hills was later codified into the great pilgrim circuit, and gave a heightened sense of sacredness to this land of the gods. Eversince, Rishikesh has been the stepping stone and the first destination on a list of holy shrines and sites stretching across the lofty Himalayas.